What We Offer

Moneywise Plus provides free and instant digital, financial and employablity support to people across Leicester and Leicestershire who are not in work or economically inactive and can evidence their right to live and work in the UK.

Moneywise Plus offers a range of activities, including outreach and taster digital skills sessions, one-to-one support, group work and, where appropriate, formal education and volunteering to develop a range of personal and employment-related financial and digital skills. We provide a bespoke service tailored to the individual needs of the participant, who will be supported by our Engagement Team to access the project.

Moneywise Plus will help individuals across Leicestershire with:

  • Increasing financial skills and confidence – including personal money management, opening a bank account, mobile/internet banking and maximising income where possible (for example, by utility switching).
  • Increasing digital skills and confidence – boosting skills in using computers and the internet safely, staying in touch with family and friends, emailing, accessing online services and using PCs, tablets and devices.
  • Increasing emplyability skills and confidence – including writing CVs and personal statements, developing interview skills and applying for paid and voluntary positions.

This will be done through:

  • A triage session with our Engagement Team to assess the individual’s needs
  • One-to-one financial or digial support sessions with a trained advisor
  • Employability courses in the individual’s local community
  • Opportunities for volunteering

We also offer support to access our project through:

  • Reimbursing travel costs
  • Supporting participants in accessing evidence of eligibility for the project
  • Access to telephone-based language line