How can I get a laptop? 

All clients of the Moneywise Plus project are reviewed by their advisor. While we do try to use the device donation scheme as a last option, it is here to assist you should you need or benefit from it. To recieve a laptop, you must be an active client of the Moneywise Plus project (Click here to learn more) and also be in one of the following categories: 
Not having access to technology 
Not having access to the internet 
Only having a mobile phone/tablet 
If you believe you may benefit from this scheme, please talk to your advisor at the next session. 

What if I don't have internet? 

As part of this scheme and with assistance from De Montfort University we are able to provide temporary internet access through internet access boxes during your time with Moneywise Plus. After you have finished with our project, any future internet access will become your responsibility. 

Do I have to give it back? 

People who donate their devices do so with the knowledge that they will be used to help people. While we do keep track of who has what specific device, we don't actively monitor the location of the device or what it's used for. That being said, these devices are loaned out in good faith and we trust them to be kept in good condition and to be used appropriately. At the end of your journey with us, the laptop will be donated to you to help you continue your education, job searching or new job. 

How can this help me? 

At Moneywise Plus, our main goals are to help people manage their finances, get into education and improve job searching skills. In today's world of technology, those without access to computers or those without the skills to properly use them can find themselves at a disadvantage to others in that they are either hindered in their ability to use/access information that can be found online. Our goal is to help improve your digital skills to help break the "Digital Divide" and enable you to use technology not just for work or school, but in your personal life too. 

What our clients say 

“It was good to be able to get a bank account and be independent. Pam showed me how to use my laptop, along with setting up zoom so that I can attend my ESOL classes online. Pam also helped with searching for work and volunteering opportunities online, and attending drop-in sessions with other organizations, where I could talk about my hopes for a career in media." 
“Working with Alex has helped with managing my money and we created a budget so I can see what I have spent and how much I have left. He also helped me to learn how to use my smartphone and a computer so I can be a bit more connected with people and do some more things for myself. This meant I could keep track of my budget on my own." 

What will I learn? 

How and where to connect to Wi-Fi 
Learn how to find and access libraries and community centres 
Build confidence using technology 
Comparing data/broadband, electric and insurance prices 
Online safety 
What the internet can be used for 
Using social media 
Creating and managing emails 
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