In today's age, computers and technology are nearly essential. From day-to-day aid such as checking opening times, shopping online, searching for jobs or even booking appointments with doctors, these helpful things are pretty much everywhere. 
The unfortunate side effect to this being that an alarming number of it ends up in landfills as soon as they're considered obsolete. Every year it's estimated that households and businesses throw 130,000 tonnes of electrical devices such as mobile phones and laptops which could be safely disposed of, recycled or donated. This affects many things in the world such as lost gold, copper, aluminium and steel which could be reused to either produce more devices or for other projects. This means up to £33 million in scrap material alone gets wasted, not to mention the worth of the actual device, not to mention the total estimated £17 billion in resale value. 
One big issue is that an estimated 40% of all e-waste is illegally exported to other countries to be dumped, often in areas where contaminants from discarded devices can enter the local food and water supplies of what can already be considered vulnerable communities. 
At Moneywise Plus we aim to help our clients both with their financial skills and their digital skills. The unfortunate fact is that a lot of our clients are unable to afford their own devices such as smart phones and laptops. These things that we view as essential for so many things are unable to be accessed by many people, hindering their ability to perform in the economy. 
We would like to ask that instead of throwing away devices as soon as they are "Out of date" or not working, that people consider both the environmental and economic effect of doing so. While we greatly encourage people to donate their older devices, we would also love to see the total number of wasted materials reduced by people such as yourselves properly recycling them. 
At Moneywise Plus we take environmental sustainability and proper waste disposal very seriously. As such we would like to encourage everyone who is able, to properly dispose of them via a local e-waste professional. Please see the below link to find a local e-waste center in the UK. If you're local to Leicester and would like to donate your old devices, please contact for more information. 
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