Join us as we dive into why working is good for the individual, not just for the places they work. 
The obvious one, you receive a regular pay slip 
Believe it or not, you are better off working than being on benefits. Contrary to popular belief, your Universal Credit payment will not be completely taken away once you become employed – for every £1 you earn, your UC payment will reduce by 55p. 
Improve your Health 
Studies show that keeping your brain active, helps to keep it healthy. So, providing you work in a safe and fair environment, going to work should increase your confidence and self-esteem, as well as allowing you to challenge your intellect whilst getting paid for it! 
Hone Your Skills and Learn New Ones 
When you’re in a job you are always learning new skills whilst using the ones you already have. This is an essential steppingstone towards progression and achieving goals. 
If you work for an organisation, you should be provided with tools and resources to help you achieve tasks. You may also get the chance to train and develop yourself related to the role by taking part in courses or training workshops. The organisation benefits from you as a well-trained member of staff, and you benefit from the skills you’ve learnt at someone else’s cost. 
Work helps you to understand more about yourself and the world around you 
Having a job puts you in close interaction with colleagues allows you to encounter situations that can help with your people skills and build your self-awareness. You will be exposed to different views, thinking styles, ways of getting things done, and behavioural approaches that you can take as learning experiences. 
Having a job can boost your self-esteem as you are contributing positively towards society and helping people. This builds a sense of accomplishment for completing work and experience gained builds your confidence. 
This more in-depth understanding of yourself, other people, and the world can help you in other aspects of your life outside work.  
Gives you the chance to meet new people. 
When in a job it gives you a chance to interact with people that you otherwise wouldn’t have met, even if you work remotely, you will still have the chance to form friendships and relationships because a large percent of your day is spent interacting with these people. 
Do you need help finding a job? Moneywise Plus can provide free support tailored around you. If you want help getting back into training or education, we can help. If you are unsure about what benefits you are entitled to, we can help. If you are struggling with your finances, we can help you to make a plan and actively budget. If your computer skills are a bit rusty, we can help with that too. 
All you must do is be out of paid work, over the age of 16 and have the right to live and work in the UK. Call us on 0300 003 7004 or visit our contact us page. 
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