Kelly had lost her job and was evicted from her home not long afterwards. She was forced to spend her time in and out of temporary accommodation and living on the streets. The longer she was out of work, the more hopeless she felt; her anxiety and depression worsened. 
Eventually, it became so bad, Kelly saw no way out for herself and started to use alcohol more as a coping mechanism. It was then that Kelly, at her lowest point, was referred to Moneywise Plus by Action Homeless. 
Once at Moneywise Plus, Kelly was assigned an advisor to help her get back into work and gain the skills necessary for her to work in the hospitality sector. Our advisor Nicky spent long periods with her over the next few weeks trying to understand her situation and provide support during difficult times. 
It was not long before Kelly managed to secure a place to live and with the added help and support of the advisor, Kelly was able to have all the essentials to make her new home comfortable. Kelly’s advisor also helped contact the local food bank to ensure that she didn’t go without something to eat. 
Kelly was then given a tablet that came with two years of free internet access from Good Things Foundation, which was donated to Moneywise Plus. 
This gave Kelly the ability to get back in touch with family and former friends that she had drifted apart from. It wasn’t long before she had built up a strong support network around her. 
Access to the internet made Kelly’s day-to-day life a lot easier and opened up more possibilities for her future. 
Kelly was able to enrol on a catering and hospitality course at Leicester College and was also able to participate in online courses during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Job seeking was also made easier. The tablet allowed Kelly to create a CV for herself that she could send to employers and create an online Indeed profile for more efficient job hunting. 
Kelly said: "I feel positive and feel I have a lot of avenues for support. It has shown me that people care and if you ask for support you get it. I never thought that someone would get me a tablet. It has changed my everyday life and also changed my future. I have also stopped drinking, which is a big accomplishment for me, but the positive mindset of people around me has helped me make positive changes for the future." 
Since receiving the device, Kelly has been able to stay connected with close ones, keep up to date with online news and successfully secured a new job. 
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