David was not confident with technology, and only had access to a computer using the library or job centre, where he was able to receive support from staff at the centres. When lockdown was enforced in March 2020, public facilities were unavailable, which further made David digitally excluded, as he was unable to access online services such as his Universal Credit account. 
The lockdown affected David negatively more than most because he had neither the means nor the ability to access the internet, but he also had to shield, making his isolation more pronounced. 
David had previously enrolled on a computer course at Leicester College. But not having access to an electronic device meant he was not able to practice his new skills. 
David was forced out of the loop. Being so isolated from the world around him caused him to feel very alone during Leicester’s lockdown. Not being able to access a device during lockdown, created a whole new set of challenges to receive the help he needed. 
“It might be a few days before I would find out about something important [such as news about Covid-19 and the government’s lockdown plans]” said David. 
David’s Moneywise Plus advisor at Community Advice and Law Services, Alex told David about the Good Things Foundation’s tablet donation scheme. After being talked through the benefits of the scheme (for both during and after the lockdown), David agreed that it was a good idea. 
It wasn’t long before Alex gave him a call to tell him that everything had gone through successfully, and that a tablet with free internet data would soon be dropped off at his front door. 
To help David get to grips with his new tablet, Alex called him up and was able to walk him through the basics over the phone. With Alex’s support and using online digital support – Learn My Way, David is now able to use the tablet to check his emails, continue their learning online, log onto his Universal Credit account and reconnect with the world and make his day-to-day life easier. 
It turns out that he could remember more from the IT course that he took than he thought he could and is excited to learn new skills to use on his tablet. He is even considering the prospect of taking part in more courses to improve his digital skills further. 
Most importantly though, having the tablet has made a big impact on David’s well-being. Having the tablet has allowed him to feel connected to the world around him once again. 
David said: “I don’t feel so alone now. Just being able to check the football scores makes a big difference to my well-being. I feel a bit more at ease now, like I’m more connected to the world.” 
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