When Olivia met her Moneywise Plus adviser, she was unemployed and financially strained. Olivia struggled with depression and her confidence was low. Olivia felt she needed a boost in motivation and needed to rebuild her self-esteem. Before she joined the project, Olivia felt unhealthy both physically and mentally. This had a negative impact on her energy levels and motivation to improve her situation and find a job. 
Olivia and her Moneywise Plus adviser, Jim came up with a plan of action which best reflected her needs. Jim showed Olivia a variety of deals she could take advantage of and shared tips on how to save money on household bills. Discussions with Jim encouraged Olivia to enroll onto a course that suited her, and they worked on improving her CV, and searching for jobs online. All of this improved her self-confidence, and she felt motivated to come to her regular appointments with Jim. 
As her time with Moneywise plus was coming to an end, Olivia felt like she had learnt to trust her adviser and the importance of engagement in improving her employment prospects and achieving her goals. 
Within a few months Olivia had completed her CV, applied for jobs, and secured employment. Her physical and mental health had improved, and she was leaving the house and socializing with people more often. 
She now felt positive about her future. She admitted that she was not in her ideal job, but it was a source of income which would allow her to save up for a driving license, an essential requirement to earning her football coaching badges and obtaining her ideal position as football coach. 
She was feeling as if her goals were finally achievable thanks to the tailored support she had received from Jim and the Moneywise Plus project. 
If your dealing with any of the issues that Olivia was at the the beginning of this article, reach out to Moneywise Plus. Click here to find out if your eligible for some free support and guidance.  
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