At Moneywise Plus, we understand that the winter months are tough, especially 
financially. That’s why we’re sharing 10 fabulously thrifty hacks so that you can pay your 
utility bill, and still have plenty money left afterwards. Read this article for some eye-opening facts about just how much cash you could be sparing this year. 
1. It pays to be in control of your heating. 
-Installing and using a thermostat, programmer and thermostatic radiator valves could 
save you around £85 per year. 
2. Switch your shower head to a water efficient one. 
-You’ll be saving yourself a whopping £80 a year on your water bills. 
Follow the link to find out more about eco shower heads: 
3. More than half of the money spent on fuel bills goes on hot 
water and heating.  
-Turn your thermostat down by just a degree and save 
£65 a year! 
4. Have shorter showers. 
-Did you know that by cutting back shower time by only a minute could save you £50 
this year? 
5. Turn off your electrical appliances at the plug when you 
aren’t using them. 
-you could be saving yourself up to £40 per year. £40 extra you could be spending on a 
day out or a hobby. 
6. Replace your bulb with an LED this time. 
-LEDs might seem expensive at first, but you could be saving yourself up to £35 per 
7. Prevent draughts coming through your front/back door with 
a draught excluder or a door curtain. 
-You could be saving yourself up to £30 this winter by draught proofing alone. 
8. Only boil the kettle when you need to and cut back washing 
machine and dishwasher use. 
– you’ll save yourself up to £28 per year. 
9. Turn your lights off when you leave a room. 
-Switching off a light when you leave a room could save you £14 a year. It may be a little 
amount, but it all adds up. 
10. Take regular gas meter readings
Take regular meter readings to keep track of how much you are spending and whether 
your bills are correct, or, if it’s any easier, ask your supplier for a smart meter. 
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