When Farhad first signed up for the Moneywise project, he didn’t have a bank account, so his benefits were being paid into a friends account. This was not an ideal situation to be in and he needed help with gathering the right documents to open a bank account. Farhad wanted help to enroll onto an ESOL course to improve his English and gain further experience on what it means to work within the media industry. 
Farhad said, “I was relying on other people to be able to get my benefits and I had tried to get a bank account but was struggling to do this and I was getting very frustrated." 
"I had been studying ESOL in London but had to move to Leicester and start again, I needed help to register with the college. It was difficult to find a job in the industry I want to work in as I struggled with English." 
Then Farhad met Pam, his Moneywise Plus adviser. Pam helped with finding and submitting the correct documentation to set up a bank account Farhad was also given a kindly donated laptop from Moneywise Plus so that he could take his online ESOL course. This meant he could also look for work and volunteering positions. 
Farhad said “It was good to be able to get a bank account and be independent. Pam showed me how to use my laptop, along with setting up zoom so that I can attend my ESOL classes online. Pam also helped with searching for work and volunteering opportunities online, and attending drop-in sessions with other organizations, where I could talk about my hopes for a career in media." 
At the end of Farhad’s time with Moneywise Plus he felt he had gained so much independence with his finances and that his English was improving due to the ESOL course he was taking using his laptop given to him by Moneywise Plus. He had a sense of confidence for what the future held for him. He added that he was considering moving back to London or moving to Birmingham where the opportunities for his career in media are greater. 
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