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Monica is a single mother living with her two young children. She entered some difficult times when her husband separated from her and left her with bills to pay. This was an issue because Monica herself hadn’t worked since she moved to the UK, as she was a stay-at-home mother. Now with no income and no support with childcare she applied for Universal Credit. She was referred to CALS for debt advice and received support to improve her financial situation. Monica needed help with finding a job, so Monica was put in touch with Moneywise Plus team for support. 
When Monica first met her Moneywise Plus adviser, Nadia, she mentioned that she had very little experience using a computer. She was only comfortable using her smart phone, she hadn’t got a CV and she struggled to read and write English. 
Firstly, Nadia showed Monica how to access online learning tools, and set tasks for Monica so that she can learn some basic ICT. They met up in the library for their first session where Monica learnt how to use a computer, mouse, and keyboard. Once Monica became confident with the basics, Nadia gave Monica a donated laptop from Moneywise Plus so that she can access emails, write a CV, apply for jobs and courses. 
Monica was interested in working in the food industry and wanted to do a course with Leicester college in baking. Nadia assisted her in submitting the application form and enrolled Monica onto an ESOL course to improve her English. She was offered a place onto both courses as well as a functional skills maths course. 
Nadia also offered to show Monica how to pay bills and keep costs to a minimum, this was useful as Monica was never in charge of paying the bills previously. 
Nadia and Monica worked together to write a CV with her donated laptop. Monica was shown how to then transfer the document onto a USB stick provided by Moneywise Plus, and how to apply for jobs and submit CVs online. 
Within just a few weeks, Monica had a start date set for her baking, ESOL and maths course, she had learnt some basic IT skills and she had written a CV to send to her ideal employers. 
If you relate to how Monica felt in the beginning, get in touch via this link to see if your eligible for some free support from one of our advisers. We provide 1-1, tailored support and advice for those who struggle with their finances, want to get the most out of their computer or want to get into education or training. 
Want to make a difference? Moneywise Plus have partnered with Socialbox Biz, DMU Local, and Leicestershire Cares to give participants like Monica a much-needed digital device. If you happen to have a spare lying around, consider donating to Moneywise. It’s as easy as commenting below or sending us a personal message on social media. 
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