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Chloe struggled with her managing her finances and owed money to her energy provider. This meant that she would be behind on other bills once she paid her energy provider. Chloe felt snowed under and needed support with her payments. Her issues with money were affecting her mental health and she felt as if she was beginning to lose control of her life. Chloe also had children at a young age, so she was not able to study or train. This was also a problem for Chloe when it came to finding a job. 
Chloe was referred to Moneywise Plus and assigned to her adviser, Pam. In the initial meeting between Pam and Chloe, they rang her energy provider to ask how much Chloe owed and to figure out a payment arrangement so that Chloe can afford other essential costs. 
Pam showed Chloe the different resources that were available to help Chloe with her money troubles, such as the Severn Trent Big Difference Scheme, which they applied for along with Eon Energy trust fund. Pam also assisted Chloe in calling Virgin Media to rectify her disconnection fees. Chloe received a tablet from Moneywise Plus Device Donation Scheme, to assist her in enrolling onto employability courses and applying for jobs online. 
After a few months on the project, Chloe now feels much more confident with money and has a new positive outlook on life now that her money troubles have been cleared and feels that she can enjoy life with her children rather than struggle through it. She now realises that she isn’t alone with her problems and is aware of the resources that are available to her when she finds herself in trouble. She is enjoying the course she is currently on and cannot wait to do more courses to improve her development and increase her chance in getting a job that will allow her to support her kids. 
If you are struggling with any of the issues mentioned in this blog, find out how we can support you. 
Want to make a difference? Moneywise Plus partners with Socialbox Biz, DMU Local, and Leicestershire Cares to give participants like Chloe a much-needed digital device. If you happen to have a spare lying around, consider donating to Moneywise. It’s as easy as commenting below or sending us a personal message on social media. Thank you. 
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