Interviews are arguably one of the most nerve-racking things we experience (probably) multiple times in our lives. Do you struggle with interviews? Have a read of our blog with tips on how to prepare for a job interview. 
Although we cannot read the minds of employers, not all interviews are the same, but we can help you prepare as much as possible! 
Firstly, we have some tips from our very own adviser, Alex, from Community Advice and Law Services. Alex’s tips to prepare for an interview… 
“The more you know then the better your chances will be. Make sure that you read all the information that you have available before the interview, especially the job description, but also make sure to have a good look at their website. If there’s a chance to speak to somebody at the company before the interview, then it’s a good idea to take it so you know exactly what the company is looking for.” 
Be confident - you’ve already impressed them enough to get this far. 
Be honest – Lying during an interview only damages your reputation for the future, it is also unfair on the other candidates applying for the position. 
Pick something to wear in advance – Pick something to wear the day/night before. Make sure that it’s clean, smart, and presentable . Timpson dry cleaners are offering free dry cleaning for those unemployed and going for an interview. 
Plan out your journey beforehand and arrive early – You’ll be less likely to be late if you’re planning, arriving early will give you time to collect your thoughts and calm your anxieties. 
Show your enthusiasm! - Ask the employer some questions about the job role you’re applying for and/or the company you’ll be working for. 
STAR – Prepare some examples that show you have the skills, personal qualities, and experience for the job. 
The STAR method is an interview technique that helps you to structure answers to interview questions. STAR Stands for… 
Situation – the situation you had to deal with. 
Task – The task that you were given to do. 
Action – The action you took. 
Result – What happened because of your action and what you learnt from it. 
Read further about STAR and other interview tips on The National Careers Service webpage. 
And finally… 
Relax – Take time to breath after your preparation done and get a good night's sleep, you have earnt it! 
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