Samantha had to leave her job due to personal circumstances. This affected her mental health negatively and left her in low confidence. Having no income, she applied for Universal Credit. however, she was still finding it hard to keep up with her bills. Money became her top worry; she felt her life was falling apart and knew she needed helped to build it back up again. 
Samantha referred herself to Moneywise Plus and soon had her first meeting with Alex. They talked through her money troubles and went through a plan of action for Samantha’s time with Moneywise. 
To help her get by financially, Alex gave Samantha some tips and tricks on how to save money for electricity and water. Alex helped with applying for food vouchers and getting her council tax bill lowered so that she still had some money for other necessities.  
To improve her employability after being out of work for so long, Alex gave her a donated laptop from Moneywise Plus so that she could edit her CV and apply for jobs. Samantha learnt how to upload her CV to job searching sites and using online tools such as emails and one drive to access her CV. 
Now, Samantha feels much more in control of her money now that she has the tools to help her. She says that her general wellbeing has improved, and she has a much more positive outlook then she did before she received Alex’s help. She said, “Although I am not ready to find a job yet, I now know that I’m fully equipped to get one when I decide that I’m ready to.” 
If you relate to Samantha, you may be eligible to receive Moneywise Plus services. If you are over 16 years of age, have the right to live and work in the UK and are not in any kind of paid employment, go to to check your eligibility, or just call 0300 003 7004. 
Want to make a difference? Moneywise Plus partners with Socialbox Biz, DMU Local, and Leicestershire Cares to give participants like Samantha a much-needed digital device. After receiving a device from our scheme, Samantha had better connectivity and remote access to a wider range of digital tools. 
If you happen to have a spare lying around, consider donating to Moneywise. It’s as easy as commenting below or sending us a personal message on social media. 
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