When Lucy first came onto the Moneywise project, she struggled to have enough money to last her the month after her debts were paid and she had to rely on borrowing money from family and friends. She wanted to get a job and earn her own money, but she didn’t know where to start and she felt that her learning difficulties would be a problem when finding work. 
Lucy said “The situation was really stressing me out and I was always in my overdraft, worrying about paying the next bill and whether I’d have enough to keep the electricity on. I didn’t have much confidence that I would be able to get out of it.” 
Lucy’s Moneywise plus adviser, Alex from Community Advice and Law Service, helped her to understand more about finances, apply for discretionary housing and council tax payments, and apply for the Severn Trent Big Difference scheme. This made paying bills easier on Lucy. Alex also went through budgeting with Lucy and tips to make the house run cheaper without having to turn the lights off permanently. 
“Working with Alex has helped with managing my money and we created a budget so I can see what I have spent and how much I have left. He also helped me to learn how to use my smartphone and a computer so I can be a bit more connected with people and do some more things for myself. This meant I could keep track of my budget on my own." 
With the help of Moneywise Plus, Lucy was also able to gain access to a laptop to make CV writing much easier. She updated her CV and emailed it to her phone so that she could apply for jobs on the go too. Alex taught her to not only navigate her new laptop, but also how to use her smartphone to access services, shop online and, keep in touch with family and friends online.  
After many weeks, Lucy left the project with a better sense of self and a realisation of what she can do with her newfound confidence. She says that “although it is still not easy, I have a bit more money in my pocket and am not as anxious as I was before about paying what I need to.” 
She feels like the future is brighter now and that she can manage better than before. She hasn’t found the job she wants yet however she’s confident she will with a few more tries! 
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