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Here at Moneywise Plus, we understand how important saving money for the things that matter is to us all. That’s why in the light of the recent price increases across UK supermarkets we wanted to show you exactly how you can save money on your weekly shop. 
1. Create a shopping list. 
We all do it, head to the shops for an impromptu shop and end up coming home with half of the things you needed. That’s why lists are great because they’ll stop us from buying things from the supermarkets that will potentially go to waste. 
2. Shop around to save money on certain items if you can. 
Utilise all the supermarkets in your area if you can. The price of something in Asda may be different than the price in Tesco. 
3. Waste Nothing. 
Freezing your bread, having your leftovers for lunch, or buying frozen is a great way to prevent waste if your finding things going bad in the fridge/ bread bin. Have a read of this article by Money Saving Expert, it talks about how you can prolong the life of fresh goods! 
The average UK family throws away £730 of food that could've been eaten each year, while collectively we in our homes throw away 4.4 million potatoes, 2.7 million carrots and 1.2 million tomatoes every single day. 
4. Healthy Start Vouchers. 
If you’re an expectant mother, or parent of a child that is under 4 and receiving benefits, then your probably eligible to receive ‘Healthy Start Vouchers’. Healthy Start Vouchers buy you money off: 
• Liquid cow’s milk (pasteurised, sterilized, or UHT) 
• Fresh, Frozen, or tinned fruit and vegetables, fresh, dried, and tinned pulses 
• Infant formula milk labelled ‘suitable from birth’ 
• Healthy Start vitamins for Pregnancy, breastfeeding and children ages 0-4 
5. Take Advantage of Loyalty Cards/Apps 
Tesco Clubcard, Nectar (Sainsbury’s), Lidl Plus, to name a few, can be very useful tools to save money and time on your shopping. They send money saving or money off vouchers to your address or to the app. Its all dependent on how much you shop with them. 
6. Buy a large freezer 
If you have the space, buy a large freezer. That way you can fit more left overs and items from the reduced section in! 
What ever steps you choose to follow, save money on your weekly shop with Moneywise Plus. 
Moneywise Plus provides practical, tailored support Moneywise Plus can provide tailored, practical support to negotiate the daily challenges we all face. We can help you to increase your financial and/or digital confidence, or your employability. Whether you need access to a laptop to apply for a job, or some advice on making ends meet, we are here. 
If you're unwaged and have the right to live and work in the UK, get in touch today by calling 0300 003 7004 or emailing info@moneywiseplus.co.uk. 
Find out more about how we can help on our website > https://www.moneywiseplus.co.uk/ 
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