What is the device donation scheme? 

With the aid of SocialBoz.Biz, through Reaching People, Moneywise Plus is providing a device donation scheme in which people and companies can donate their old devices (PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Phones ETC.) for them to be reused by people who are otherwise unable to acquire them. This aids people in education and job searching. 
This is a win win situation for people who are concerned about social responsibility and reducing the ever increasing electronic waste. 
SocialBox.Biz is a social enterprise that partners large IT users such as businesses, schools, local city councils and universities to source used equipment. SocialBox removes all dating to the highest security standards on site and at the office, will upgrade devices with open source software and then distributes them to various charities who get these devices to people who need them. 

How does this scheme help people? 

Reaching People prove 1 to 1 support to a diverse group of vulnerable clients. Through our members, partners and generous donators we are able to help at practical level with the following and much more: 
• Budget Creation 
• Setting up email accounts 
• Setting up bank accounts 
• Job searching 
• Reducing isolation 
• Entering education 
We provide this assistance while also building up financial and digital skills required by all to deal with day to day living. 

Why is this scheme essential? 

Click on this textThe unfortunate fact is that many of our clients are unable to afford what can today be deemed as necessary devices for education, job searching, day to day life, seeking other serives or being able to accept our support. to edit it. 

If you would like to donate your old devices, please click the "Get in touch" button below 

Our Partners 

MW+ is partnered with Social Box, a social enterprise, with a mission to save IT equipment from going to waste and into the hands of people who need it. Ordinarily, Social Box’s business model is based on a direct partnership with larger businesses and organisations. See https://www.socialbox.biz/our-services/social-impact/ In our case, we collect donations (from businesses, organisations or individuals) and send these to Social Box. Where there is sufficient equipment, Social Box support us at no cost. Leicestershire Cares and De Montfort university have been helping to promote this work, the partnership and to source the donations. 
Of course. However, to make sure the devices are directed back to us, Leicester and Leicestershire, please make clear to them, the devices should be returned to MW+ (and keep us in the loop). 
The laptops are loaned to our clients who do not have access to technology, while they are supported by the project to overcome barriers and build digital and financial skills. On completion this support, the device is donated to them. 
· Laptops 
· Tablets 
· Smartphones 
· Computer peripherals (monitors, keyboards, and mouses) 
Devices must be in working condition. We cannot take devices with hardware faults. 
We cannot accept computer units as they are not suitable for our clients. 
Once we have collected the devices, they are sent to SocialBox.Biz who will refurbish the device 
Social box will at no cost: 
• Securely clear the data 
• Fix them up 
• Install Linux software. 
• Get them back to us. 
Social Box will remove all data and operating system once they have received the devices. There will be no trace of data/settings from the previous user of laptop. They will provide data removal certificates for organisations who have donated. 
Alternatively, companies can clear the data themselves before donating them. 
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