Janice was struggling financially for a long time. These struggles were preventing her from getting a job and achieving the career goals that she had set herself. She wanted to work caring for new and expecting mothers.

Being a single mother exacerbated her financial concerns, and also made it difficult to take steps towards achieving her goals because of her commitments to her children and caring for them. This meant that she was unable to gain access to the courses that would allow her to become qualified enough to get into care work (specifically pre/post-natal care for mothers in her community).

She felt like her goals had been placed out of her reach and that she would never get to where she wanted to be. Her goals seemed unachievable.
While receiving one-to-one support at Moneywise Plus with one of our friendly advisors, Janice was helped to fill out an income and expenditure diary. This was able to help her realise the exact nature of her financial struggles and budget in a way that lessened them. Her new budget allowed her to save up for equipment that she needed to start her own business in pre/post-natal care.

During one of her support meetings, her advisor was able to find a course specifically for self-employed pre/post-natal care workers. But the course was too expensive for her to afford without help. Luckily, her advisor was able to find her a grant thar would pay for the course, so she could gain the skills she needed in order to start her own business.

As a final step, she was also taught how to use the various applications in Microsoft Office. Creating spreadsheets, leaflets, and client logs were particularly useful skills that she learnt which allowed her to run her business efficiently and effectively.

After the support Janice received from Moneywise Plus, she now owns a successful business caring for pregnant women and new mothers across her community. Not only is her community better off as a result, but now Janice is able to earn a wage flexibly around her own childcare and can support both herself and her family.

After a long time of seeing her future as insecure and as an uphill struggle, she now sees her goals as achievable and her future as secure.