Struggling with his finances, afraid of getting into debt and unsure how to find work, Sebastian came to Moneywise Plus.

Sebastian’s finances caused him stress. He was not aware whether he had funds to pay his bills and other necessities. He was reluctant to use any heating or lights at home, out of the fear of getting into debt.

Sebastian spent time with our Moneywise Plus advisor, discussing the challenges he faced and goals he would like to achieve. They created an action plan, focusing on finance first.

Sebastian did not know exactly what money was going in and going out of his account. Through budgeting support with our Moneywise Plus advisor, Sebastian understood that he had enough money to cover his rent and bills without going into debt. In turn, this allowed Sebastian to put money aside each month to treat himself, without exceeding his budget. Sebastian was delighted with his new budgeting skills and can now focus on searching for employment.

Sebastian did not know where to start with finding employment as he was not familiar with using a computer or online sites. This was frustrating for Sebastian as he wanted to explore career options and he did not know how to go about doing this.

Through one-to-one support sessions, Sebastian learnt to use a computer and use the internet to search for jobs, allowing him to see what opportunities there were out there and encouraged him to explore these.

Gradually, things started to fall into place. Sebastian’s financial stresses eased, and he left the project relaxed, positive about the future more in control of his life, confident that he will soon find the right job. Sebastian learned how to budget his money, how to independently job search and using technology to achieve this.