Looking for jobs is an anxious time. You have to keep putting yourself forward, hoping for success but prepared for disappointment.

Imagine how your anxiety levels might spike if you are looking for a job but have never used a computer before.

When Sheila approached a Moneywise Plus adviser she was in a bit of a state. None of her past experiences of using a computer had worked out. She didn’t fully understand the basic operations of the mouse and the menus. She was very motivated to find work, and knew that computers made things so much easier. But just the thought of them made her nervous and a bit scared.

Sheila was delighted with her first session with an adviser. Together, the friendly but professional adviser listened to Sheila and encouraged her to talk about her goals and how she might achieve them. She felt better after that. In the second session, they looked together at the keyboard and the mouse, and how they affected things on the computer screen. Most importantly, she never felt under any pressure. She could ask any questions without being made to feel ignorant. When she felt confident, she practised the basic operations, turning on the computer and logging in.

Gradually, going at her own pace, things started to fall into place. Sheila is now much more confident and much more independent. She is successfully using a computer for the first time in her life. And she is hopeful that she will soon find the right job.

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