Manjit phoned Moneywise Plus because he’d just received some unwelcome news. He had been furloughed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now his employer had written to tell him he was being made redundant.

It had been a long time since Manjit last looked for work. “My CV was out of date, and I wasn’t sure how to update it,” he told the adviser. He knew he would need one—to upload to employment sites and apply for jobs.

I also needed to write a covering letter.  As it was quite some time since I had done this I was unsure how best to do this. I did not have the confidence to do it on my own.   I felt quite stressed with all that I needed to do and in a hurry to get things sorted.

The adviser took him through, step-by-step, prioritising the important things. Manjit used WhatsApp to send his old CV to use as a starting point. They talked by phone, updated it, filled in gaps in his employment history and made notes for a covering letter.

Manjit had already applied for Universal Credit, and the adviser was able to tell him what to expect, and how getting a job would affect his finances.

Did the jobsearch work? Almost straight away. Having a good CV helped Manjit’s self-confidence after the blow of redundancy. It also helped him get a new job. It’s a zero-hour contract, with a view of working three days a week. This may not be enough hours in the long term, says Manjit. “But it is satisfactory for the time being and may lead to more hours.”

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