A lengthy stay in hospital left Kayley physically and emotionally drained. Her recovery was hampered by her huge debts. She felt that bankruptcy was the only option available to her. Yet she didn’t know how to start the process. She was living in temporary accommodation, and didn’t have the cash to pay the bankruptcy fees.

She was struggling to recover her strength and sense of purpose. She felt stuck, until she spoke to a Moneywise Plus adviser.

The adviser introduced Kayley to professional debt advisers at the Leicester-based Community Advice and Law Service on Charles Street. She also contacted various agencies that fund bankruptcy fees and managed to obtain a grant for Kayley. Together they tackled the correspondence and telephone calls with HMRC, and used a specialist charity that helps people on low incomes who are having tax problems.

By going through methodically, step-by-step, Kayley was able to sort through her problems and begin to look forward to the future. She is now waiting for final confirmation of her bankruptcy process.

Looking back, Kayley has nothing but praise for the Moneywise Plus service. “With their help I learnt that there is no need to panic. If I accept help I will be able to sort matters out and move on.”