Relationship break-ups can have a major impact on finances as well as emotions. The crisis may not happen very quickly. But over time, trying to get by on a lower household income means bills go unpaid, debts rise, and eventually everything can seem overwhelming.

That is what happened to Alice when she had to look after herself and her son. She knew she needed a job, but too much of her time had been taken up simply coping. Now worries over debt and the future were sapping her energy. She wanted to move forward, but didn’t know where to start. The Moneywise Plus adviser also realised that Alice did not have much trust in other people. They had let her down badly. People she had turned to for help had been unreliable.

Meeting the adviser was when things changed for Alice. She later said that the adviser was friendly, approachable and supportive as well as understanding. “I never felt pushed or rushed into things”, she said.

They began by producing a household budget to work out where she really was in her finances. Although this led to some uncomfortable realisations, they were then able to develop a plan to move forward. Her adviser helped out with online skills to apply for schemes to reduce her bills and to find a more suitable place to live.

“I never felt pushed or rushed into things”


As she increased her skills she grew in confidence. She also learned to trust people to help her, which made a big difference emotionally. She now spends much less time and energy worrying about money, as her income has increased and her bills are more affordable. “And I feel empowered to do more things for myself,” says Alice.