Can you get help from a Moneywise Plus adviser during the pandemic? Is it safe and socially distanced?

Definitely. We use phone calls instead of face-to-face meetings. Everything else, including the personal, one-to-one advice built around your goals and circumstances, remains the same.

Here’s how it worked for Tom, who left a long-term job as a cleaner after Christmas and then found it very hard to find another job. The lockdown at the end of March did not help his job search, especially with the reading difficulties he has.

Then he contacted Moneywise Plus:

Being out of work and getting behind on bills was really affecting my mental health. When the virus started, I knew it would be even harder to find work, so I didn’t feel good about my future at all. Not being able to read properly was also making job search very stressful because I could not read the job adverts properly.


My adviser was great, and he spent a lot of time talking to me and making me feel better about my situation. He started to get me to write down key words to help me with my job searching so I didn’t apply for the wrong jobs. We had our appointments over the phone because of the virus but we were still able to search for jobs together and he found a number of jobs I could apply for that were right for me.


The best thing was having someone on the end of the phone who knew me and was able to solve some of my job search problems and make me feel more positive about my future. I learnt how to search for the right jobs and how to use a jobsite properly. I learnt to be more confident with using my smartphone for job search and also how to attach my CV to an e-mail. I struggle speaking to people on the phone and so telephone interviews worried me but my adviser gave me some useful tips on getting ready for interviews as well which helped my nerves.


I recently got a job offer to work for a local company cleaning for 18 hours a week. It’s near to where I live so I can get there on my bike and the hours are just mornings only, so I’m hoping to find another afternoon job to get me to full-time hours.”