Hello readers, we hope you enjoy our August 2019 blog post! This month we’re sharing employment tips – you’ve landed that fantastic new opportunity, now how do you ensure that you make a great first impression? Read on to find out!


Arrive early and be punctual to all appointments

Leave plenty of time for travel and make allowances for delays or traffic. Arriving early gives you time to set yourself up for the day: including arranging your workstation, making a cup of tea or having breakfast. Starting work before it gets busy can be a great way to get a jump-start on your day, too. Being punctual is an important way of showing respect for your colleagues and clients – no one wants to have their time wasted! If you can’t help being late on occasion, make sure you have their mobile number so you can let them know you’re delayed.


Dress well

First impressions count, and while you may not be in a customer-facing position it is important to remember that you may meet a client or key stakeholder at any time during your working day. Make sure your attire is neat, clean, appropriate for your role and won’t cause offence.

Woman holding a cup with the slogan 'like a boss' on it.

Master these tips to impress your boss and instil workplace harmony.

 Stay positive and have a good attitude

Never complain about your job publicly; as well as looking unprofessional and creating bad feeling, it can result in you being fired if you’ve violated your employer’s internet usage policy. If you’re experiencing challenges or difficulties, constructively approach someone who can help you and be ready to offer solutions.


Keep up with industry developments

While being focused on your job is great, remember that there is a world around you. Join industry groups and read trade magazines to keep you abreast of the latest developments, this will demonstrate your passion for your field.


Be proactive

Look for opportunities and suggest ideas before your manager does. Your boss will value that you are committed to promoting the interests of the company and it may give you the chance to work on exciting projects that interest you.


Express gratitude

Your current role may not be your dream job, but every step in your career has value and increases your skills and experience. Try to take advantage of opportunities when you can.


Support your colleagues

As well as making you feel good, helping others makes them more likely to return the favour when the going gets tough. It also highlights your team-working and interpersonal skills, which any good manager will care greatly about.

Two women talking together around a notepad and laptop on a desk

Try your best to be a good employee and you’ll reap the rewards!


Keep track of your achievements

Show your manager what you have accomplished by regularly recording the quality and quantity of your work. Write down compliments from clients or co-workers, as well as areas that you’ve improved in.


Welcome feedback

Sometimes an outside view can give you the perspective to see why a project isn’t working, or to transform it from good to great. Invite knowledgeable people to review your work and provide a fresh outlook. Ask for regular meetings with your manager and make them count.


Be keen to learn

Show your enthusiasm and commitment by finding out about the organisation you’ve joined and how the people within it operate. Ask questions and be curious.


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