Hello readers, we hope you enjoy our April 2019 blog entry! In this instalment we share the story of Arvinda, who succeeded in gaining employment after engaging with the Moneywise Plus project to develop her digital skills. We chatted to her about the support she received and the difference it has made to her life.


What was your situation before you joined us as a participant on Moneywise Plus?

I had recently been made redundant after working as a Retail Assistant for House of Fraser for 20 years. I had never really used a computer so applying for work was a struggle – I couldn’t apply for jobs online and so was handing out paper CVs to shops without much success. Not working was very stressful and affected my confidence, it was also worrying to know that I was missing out on retail jobs because of my lack of digital skills.

Arvinda standing next to a Moneywise Plus banner at Leicester College City Skills Centre

Arvinda acheived her goals with the help of the Moneywise Plus project.


How did you come to be involved with the project?

I was referred to Leicester College for help with my CV, who, as a Moneywise Plus delivery partner, then referred me on to the project for digital one-to-one support.


What activities did you do on the project? Did they help you?

I was first supported by a one-to-one advisor to become confident in using a computer and keyboard as well as how to use the Internet to build my digital skills, they also showed me how to use and manage an email account. They then helped me to create accounts with a few job sites, and supported me with searching and applying for retail jobs online. During my time on the project I was referred for independent careers advice, which helped me to improve my CV and interview skills.


How has your situation changed since you joined Moneywise Plus?

My digital and social confidence has improved greatly since I started working with the project; the Digital one-to-one support enabled me to carry out online job search independently at a library Work Club with minimal support. I re-entered education and succeeded in gaining a certificate in customer service, I then went on to apply for and get a retail job with Primark. The Moneywise Plus advisor even helped me to apply for this role and prepare for the interview. I am now feeling very confident about my future after receiving support from the project: I love my new job and though digital is still challenging for me, I am now in a much better position and will find the process of online job search easier if I ever have to look for work online again.


What did you think of the project?

 All the staff were extremely welcoming and I felt very supported. The one-to-one sessions gave me the confidence to use digital independently and make my online job searching effective. I’m so happy Moneywise Plus was there for me so I could learn new skills and get on in life!


Would you or someone you know like to develop financial and digital skills and become ready for employment, education or training? Our project may be able to help you. Find out if you’re eligible by completing the referral form on our website, or call us on 0300 003 7004.