Greetings readers, and welcome to our April blog post! This instalment we’re hearing from Helen*, a Moneywise Plus participant who shares her story and the ways that the project helped her.


What was your situation before you joined us as a participant on Moneywise Plus?

Before I joined the project I was unemployed and looking for work. I have children but had recently split with my partner after experiencing domestic abuse, which left me low in confidence. I was looking to find a job as soon as possible but was nervous about returning to work.

Children playing tug-o-war in a team.

Helen was able to accomplish her goals and find work with help from the Moneywise Plus team.


How did you come to be involved with the project?

I attended a drop-in session with Hinckley Library Work Club, the staff there referred me to Moneywise Plus.


What activities did you do on the project? Did they help you?

During my time on the project I attended Digital Taster sessions, Digital One-To-One appointments and accessed support from the Financial Routeway. The IT support with job applications was invaluable, I wouldn’t have managed without it. I struggled with some tasks during the Digital One-To-One support but was able to achieve the things I needed to do with a bit of help from the Moneywise Plus team.


How has your situation changed since you joined Moneywise Plus?

It’s improved a great deal! With help from the project I’ve been able to apply for work and provide necessary documents to prospective employers. Recently I had a job interview and succeeded in securing a position in public services. I am much more confident than I was at the start of the project and am looking forward to getting back into paid employment.


What did you think of the project?

It’s amazing – I found it really useful!


Would you or someone you know like to develop financial, digital and volunteering skills? Our project may be able to help you. Find out if you’re eligible by completing the referral form on our website, or call us on 0300 003 7004.


*The participant’s name has been changed to protect their identity.